Published : 2016 - 03 - 10


Mibladen is famous for its spectacular vanadinite crystals – the world’s best. They occur in all hues of red through brown, often associated with wonderful bladed barite, which occurs in beautiful specimens with and withoutvanadinite. This is the one mineral assemblage – where there are vanadinites, you will not find the famousMibladen cerussites or wulfenites – these are in the second mineral assemblage, discussed in the next section below.

The two main vanadinite producing localities at Mibladen are the ACF Mine workings and the Coud’a workings. The vanadinite and barite crystals occur in mineralized zones that occur at various depths from the surface – some can be accessed by vertical shafts about 20-30 feet deep, and some are deeper. In the case of the ACF Mine, the vanadinite-bearing zones are accessed by workings that have been extended underground from the mine workings buy miners in search of specimens. In the case of the Coud’a workings, they are narrow shafts excavated by hand tools from the surface.There is two ways to reach Mibladen and Ahouli , so you can choose one of those roads :

• Mines D’Aouli by Midelt: we take you to visit the old lead mines Mibladen, then descent in the Gorges of Oued Moulouya with the buildings and abandoned mines along the river to the village of Aouli and suspension bridge.

Aouli of Mines by track zaida Village Crossing zaida crossroads of all transport of Midelt plate, bus and goods crossing in front of the brick factories then track to the village of Ahouli and suspension bridge preceded by a village ghost ; gorge of Wadi melouya with buildings and abandoned mines.

COST : 200 Euro .


  • Traveling in air –conditioned vehicle with an experienced English speaking driver/guide.
  • Pick up point in your Riad o Hotel.

It doesn’t include: lunch, drinks, and tips

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