From Midelt to Mibladen Ahouli


    One day tour

    The location of MIDELT at the tip of the high eastern Atlas, makes it an excellent base for exploring the region. Outside major roads, the roads become rugged trails, mostly only passable from May to October and only for four wheel drive cars. Paradise for mountain biking, the region is also suitable for hiking.


    The circus or circuit of Jâffar meanders through the foothills of the Jebel AYACHI, 25 km southwest of Midelt, classic cars will find it difficult to circulate on this rugged track, except at the height of summer. The landscape is splendid: the vertiginous peaks of the Atlas, carpeted by places of cedar forests and dotted with Berber hamlets. From Midelt, we take the road to Zaida on 10Km and turn to the sign indicating the village of Ait Oum Gar, then we Follow the signs to Matkan Tounfit. The road then makes a loop, passes by Tattiouine and joins the S3424 road that leads back to Midelt. Count a day for this circuit 80km. If you prefer to walk and if you drop a tent, you can go from Taddart to Jaffar Circus; plan 2 days to return to have a good perception of the region. From Taddart walk to the village of Sidi Amar, surrounded by apple trees and particularly picturesque Sunday, day of the souk. Camp further to Jaffar, in the valley in the center of this spectacular circus. The next day, return to Taddart through the Gorge.


    An interesting road trip leads to the Aouli Gorge, 15Km north-east of MIDELT by the S317 .Created by the Moulaya, cliffs were still exploited recently to extract lead, copper and silver. Abandoned, often in the middle of the cliffs, are clearly visible, the mines’ entrances have been condemned for security reasons. The place exudes an atmosphere a little scary ghost town, especially at dusk .Further on the road , the small village of Aouli stands out in front of the spectacular gorges.


    If you are looking for carpets this: Workshop of weaving and embroidery at 1.5 km from the city .Mérite the visit .directed by Franciscan Sisters .It helps the Berber women to develop the embroidery and the weaving. The workshop provides the trades to to weave raw materials and a place where to work. young girls from the area come to learn the trade while benefiting from the experience of their elders. Literacy classes are also provided. You can also visit the convent or live five nuns and enjoy the tranquility of his chapel.

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