Marrakech To Waterfalls Ouzoud Day Tour


    One day tour

    The trip is long but amazing view with Argan oil process and Berber houses Ouzoud, considered one of the most surprising attractions in Morocco, on a full-day tour from Marrakesh. Located approximately 90 miles (150 kilometers) northeast of the city, the falls are close to the Atlas Mountains village of Tanaghmeilt and take their name from the Berber for œgrinding grain. Upon arrival, you will see the river plunge 300 feet (100 meters) in a complex network of waterfalls, that cascade one into another through 3 major and several minor drops. The impressive roar soothes the soul like an old lullaby. The juxtaposition of these verdant falls in a land of red sandstone, dust and desert will put a spring in your step at the sheer beauty of nature. The life-giving force of water is captured in every leaf and exploding flower bud that clings to the river gorge. Situated in the province of Azilal, within easy access of Marrakech, the Cascades are an ideal and popular day trip any time of year. You will take lunch and relaxing in the restaurant while you will admire the superb view of the water falls. After we have time trekking through the olives trees. In the evening we return to Marrakesh.

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